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Adrienne is a contract paralegal.  Her career began over 26-years ago as an assistant in a family law firm.  She specializes in plaintiff medical malpractice actions, defense personal injury protection claims, and other litigation cases.  She also has experience in bankruptcy, landlord/tenant (defense) and probate administration  cases.

As an in-house or remote paralegal, I excel in my work!  My experience allows me the opportunity to


 As an in-house or remote paralegal, Adrienne excels in her work!  Her experience allows her to work with attorneys on cases in local, state, and federal courts.  She has a proven track record for providing aide to law firms for everything from day-to-day tasks to all phases of litigation.  Adrienne's qualifications includes but are not limited to communication, legal research, investigation, and writing skills, trial assistance, e-discovery and e-filing.


Outside of the office, she is a social butterfly. Her passions are traveling and meeting new people.  She loves dancing - any type of dancing as long as there is music.  She believes the best way to get to know your colleagues and the people you work with is via incentive activities.  She also enjoy baking, going to the movies, watching sports and creative writing exercises for team building projects.

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